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Cosplay Corner #6 Interview: Karen Gallegos

Here is an interview with Karen Gallegos, a wonderful cosplayer from Mexico!

Thanks for doing this interview, how are you?
You’re welcome, Fine and you?!!

I’m great thanks! What kind of a geek niche do you think you fit into? ie. Comics, movies, games, etc.
I’m a gamer :DD

What are your top 5 movies, games, and tv shows?
Movies.- Edge of tomorrow, oblivion, rocky and rambo series
Games.- Street Fighter series, Marvel vs capcom series, Blazblue series, Skullgirls, hokuto no ken – fist of the north star – ken’s rage and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
Tv shows.- morphin mighty power rangers, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Saved by the Bell, breaking bad

When you cast a patronus spell what shape does it take?
Carlos Slim :DD naah, just kidding haha. A Bengal tiger or maybe a panhter.

You’re from Mexico I’ve never been myself, do you have many conventions there?
That’s right, i live in Mexico and also here are a lot of conventions. Normally I use to be present in every convention that comes out in my community.

Are there any geeky things that are exclusive to Mexico, comics, books, etc.? Being a Canadian, I only know North American culture so it’s interesting to see how other countries have it different.
Of course! there is the great Kaliman :DD, Santo, Chapulin Colorado, etc. I can’t remember any more by the moment.

How long ago did you start cosplaying?
Since 2010

Do you think that there has been an increase in popularity for cosplay since you’ve started?
Indeed, in every aspect possible

Why did you start cosplaying?
Because the fun, hanging out with the friends, and because i wanted to make my most beloved characters come to life

Do you make your costumes by hand?
I don’t make them fully by myself, sometimes i have my friends help

Do you take commissions to make some for others?
Not by the moment. Because I’m on college and i don’t have the time to make such job.

What’s you favourite cosplay that you’ve made?
Litchi from Blazblue by the moment

Do you have a cosplay you’re best known for?
I believe by the Dragon’s Crown sorceress

What Cosplayers inspire you?
Mariedoll, K-A-N-A, kamui cosplay

What is your absolute favourite thing about cosplaying?
Having fun! and believe it or not, the stress that comes when the convention is about to start. Feel the adrenaline . And everything in the convention Do you have any cool hobbies other than cosplaying? Well, i love videogames, go to the movies, etc.

What’s your day job?
Go to college (now THAT is a job hahaha)

Do your classmates know about your cosplaying?
Most of them

I know lots of girls are often given a hard time for cosplaying or expressing their geekdom saying they aren’t true geeks, I think this is stupid but it happens. Does this happen to you and how do you deal with it?
LOL, well i have met some people like that but i believe they do it to have some attention and be accepted in a social circle. And, in some way, that is acceptable but in other way, is a little bit annoying for the “poser” looks.

Anything you want os ay to the folks at home?
Kisses to everyone! Hope to see you soon!!!!!!! Take care

Where can we find you on the internet?
my Facebook:

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