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Cosplay Corner #7 Interview: Vivica Hallow

Sorry guys! I’ve been super busy with work and haven’t had time to keep up with posting my Cosplay Corners!  But they are back, I’ve got a couple more ready and queued up!

This week is an interview with Vivica Hallow.  When you read through this interview there can be no dispute to how much geek-cred she has (spoilers: it’s a lot), she also has one of the hottest things I’ve seen associated with Star Trek, hotter than Seven of Nine even.  She posts on her Facebook page frequently with progress on costumes through the whole process also lots of con photos.

She is well spoken, fun, and extremely talented.  See for yourself and I hope we can have her back sometime soon!



What kind of a geek niche do you think you fit into?

If I were to pick a category, it would definitely be games. I do really like some comics, movies, anime and books but the majority of the things that have held my interest and captivated me have been games.


What are your top 5 movies, games, and tv shows?

Favorite Games:

The Legend of Zelda franchise. (Yes, I know that is many games)

My favorite of the bunch would have to be Ocarina of Time (BIG surprise, I know)

I remember the first time I ever held that gold cartridge and walked around Kokiri Forest. Those are some pretty feel good memories.

Final Fantasy VII (another shocker!)

I didn’t get to play this one as soon as it came out.  I think the game was about a year or two old by the time I got ahold of it around age 8 or 9. I remember thinking about how crazy it was that this game was four discs long. The game was beautiful (for the time)and  expansive, with a haunting story uplifted by just the right amount of humor.  And of course, cheating is for losers so I waited until I beat the game through once (after many bouts of almost tearful frustration over the underwater meteria) before I used a gameshark to turn every character in my party into Sephiroth.  For purely… tactical reasons.   >..>”

Soul Caliber (4)

This game doesn’t have a fantastic story line, but what it lacks in that area is completely made up for by the pure button mashing goodness that it is.  This game is the catalyst for epic smack talk, dissolution of friendships, and I’m sure somewhere out there-a break up or two.  Im good at this game, trust.

Borderlands Franchise

BL one was just great. It was one of the only times cell shading hasn’t made me want to have an aneurism.  I loved Lilith (thus leading to my cosplay of her) and Mordecai was pretty bitchin too. I felt a bit disappointed by Maya in the second one and thought that Lilith’s abilities were much more badass- but then I finally found the elusive Pink Pandoracorn skin and that made me feel a bit better about the situation.

Azure Dreams

This title is taking it back. While it’s the last on my list, it is nowhere near the least important of these. Azure Dreams was released in 1998 and as far as I know, was never super popular. I found this game in a pawn shop as a kid and it was to this day one of the happiest surprises ever. I didn’t know anything about it but it looked neat from the description on the back. It kind of mixes elements of Harvest moon, Pokemon, and D&D.  I absolutely loved it.

Tv Shows:

I don’t watch a lot of T.V. these days. I’m usually way too busy with adult life or preparing for my next Con- but I do like these shows.

1] Star Trek (TOS FTW) 2]Face off 3]Investigation Discovery stuff 4]House 5]Prison Break

Movies are kind of in the same category.

1] Legend 2]The Dark Crystal 3]What Dreams May Come 4]Ponyo 5]Seven Pounds


When you cast a patronus spell what shape does it take?

I’m guessing my Patronus would be something akin to Lolth. Big… Spidery.. and decidedly pissed off.


Why did you start cosplaying?

I started cosplaying because it was a creative outlet. I’ve always loved making costumes, usually custom designs, and in many ways cosplay is taking that to the next level. A custom costume in many cases is nowhere near as difficult as a cosplay.  With a cosplay, details have to be perfect. Its much harder to recreate something already imagined in many cases than it is just to make something up.


What was your first cosplay?

My first Cosplay was Chii from Chobits. It was pretty cute.


Do you take commissions and where can they contact you if they are interested?

I do take commissions, but I am in no way a costume production line. I’m usually pretty busy but it never hurts to inquire. Everyone I’ve made costumes for has been happy.  Just shoot me a message.


What’s you favourite cosplay that you’ve made and why?

My favorite cosplay would be Lilith form Borderlands. It was challenging and rewarding to make.

My favorite costume would be either my Valkyrie or my Starfleet science office uniform.


What costumes do you have in the works right now?

I am currently working on The Baroness from G.I. Joe and attempting to wrap my head around some digitigrade leg stilts for a WoW succubus cosplay. I am currently at a frustrated standstill with a female Predator concept ive been chewing on for a few years now.


What Cosplayers inspire you?

Pretty much anyone who cosplays inspires me.  The dedication, the joy, the fun… it’s all very inspiring. In many cases it takes no small amount of bravery to dress up as a character and walk about in public.


What is your absolute favourite thing about cosplaying?

My favorite thing about cosplaying I think it the absolute rush I get from being a crisis driven creator. Nothing motivates and challenges me like an approaching deadline will.


Do you have any cool hobbies other than cosplaying?

My other hobbies include urban adventuring, fire spinning, weekend travelling, wrestling, and pretty much anything else that alleviates my chronic boredom.


What do you do with your life in the real world when you’re not cosplaying?

I’m studying Computer Science and am currently a receptionist. I also model.


I know lots of girls (and even guys) are often given a hard time for cosplaying or expressing their geekdom because people will say they aren’t “true geeks.” I think this is stupid but it happens. Does this happen to you and how do you deal with it?

I get pretty agro about crap like this. Please, please if you feel like saying some bullshit about “true geekdom” stop and think about what an elitist, pontificating asshat you sound like.  No one likes a Jeff Albertson. Someone out there is going to know more about something than you do- there are only a select few ultimate SMEs. You probably are not the most subject educated/most fanatic person in this world and even if you were you have absolutely no right to pass judgment on another human being. If for some reason you feel that you do, seek me out. Ill wipe the floor with you so bad in Soul Caliber that even your mother won’t claim you afterwards.  Enough is enough. Members of a sub culture are supposed to get along, is that really too much to ask?


Anything you want to say to the folks at home? Where can we find you on the internet?

To the folks at home, thanks for reading! You can follow my costuming efforts and other shenanigans at

See you space cowboy.

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