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Cosplay Corner #9 Interview: Bewitched Raven

Bewitched Raven is a wonderfully talented cosplayer I wanted to feature as many of her cosplays as I could but she’s just got so many great ones you’ll have to take this as a bit of a taste and go like her page for more.

Thanks for doing this interview, how are you?
I’m great! Thank you so much for inviting me for this interview!

What kind of a geek niche do you think you fit into? ie. Comics, movies, games, etc.
Oh I am a Sci-fi/ cartoon geek through and through. I ADORE Doctor Who and Firefly, but also Disney and MLP. I love a lot of other stuff too, like gaming and comics and some anime and LARP, but those are my really big loves!

What are your top 5 movies, games, and tv shows?
Ohhhhhh, let me think. That’s tough cause I love so much, and my preferences are always shifting!
Right at this moment I would have to say:
TV Shows:
Firefly, Doctor Who, Supernatural, My Little Pony, Dance Moms (totally my guilty pleasure!)
Video Games:
Bioshock Series, Overlord, Anything Mario, The Arkham Series, Watch Dogs
All the Marvel Movies, Tangled, Star Wars Series, The Jerk, Across the Universe

When you cast a patronus spell what shape does it take?
ummmm…. A Raven, of course! 🙂

Why did you start cosplaying and what was your first costume?
I went to my first convention in 2010 (Dragon Con) and saw all the amazing costumes, so I turned around and at Dragon con 2011 I came bursting through the gate with a TARDIS and Dalek cosplays!!! Its been about 4 years now for me and I have no plans to slow down!!!

Do you take commissions and where can they contact you if they are interested?
I do take commissions or offer advices for any costuming questions! You can either email me or message me on Facebook!

What’s you favourite cosplay that you’ve made and why?
Right now I would have to say my Dalek/ TARDIS Hybrid. It not only embodies one of my favorite shows, but it also felt like a huge achievement in expanding my cosplay creativity. I really enjoy trying to attempt cosplays I haven’t seen done before, and that one felt like it hit the nail on the head! Plus it lights up, which is always fun J

What costumes do you have in the works right now?
With dragon Con coming up I actually have a lot of cosplays in the works. I’m a featured cosplayer on Word of the Nerd’s Days ‘til Dragon Con project, so you can actually not only see my full line up there, but also see me build stuffs! Check it out!

Do you have any other Cosplayers who inspire you?
I love the cosplays that I see online, but the cosplayers who really inspire me are those that I’ve gotten to meet and spend time with. I find cosplayers who do it cause they love it to be the best cosplayers. I adore Lena Leather, Shattered Stitch Cosplay, Zoey’s Echo, GypsyRogue, Wonder Woman’s Cosplay. These women are not only amazing cosplayers but beautiful people, and I think that’s what should be admired in this community.

What is your absolute favorite thing about cosplaying?
Getting to be crazy creative without boundaries!
Also meeting so many amazing new friends!

Do you have any cool hobbies other than cosplaying?
HA! Who has time for that! Lol
My other hobby has to be my dogs. I have 2 amazing little furry children who take up all my free time

What do you do with your life in the real world when you’re not cosplaying?
I work in Human Resources. I’m on the path to get my second Master’s degree and then my doctorate after that! I love to continue to better myself, so I make that my “real world” priority

I know lots of girls (and even guys) are often given a hard time for cosplaying or expressing their geekdom because people will say they aren’t “true geeks.” I think this is stupid but it happens. Does this happen to you and how do you deal with it?
I’ve heard it, but it’s a rare person in this community who hasn’t…. and that’s sad. I prefer to keep myself positive. I don’t keep that negativity in my life! I will ban people like that from my facebook, and even from my life if they act in that negative manner. Ain’t no one got time for that!

Anything you want to say to the folks at home?
If your thinking of cosplay, but you feel scared or intimidated, just jump in! Its an amazing community and, while it may have its flaws, its such and incredible place that everyone should experience!

Where can we find you on the internet?

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