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DXRacer Chair Review

So I am lucky enough to have a girlfriend who apparently has a giant horse shoe tucked away somewhere.  She won a Facebook contest from that was for any DXRacer chair I wanted.  Naturally I went to the MAX and chose one from the Max series.


Before this contest I did weeks and weeks of chair research.  I spend about 12 hours a day on my ass, during the day I’m a programmer and after that I am a gamer.  Needless to say I could use a good chair that won’t ruin me.  I’ve checked reviews, I’ve looked at competition, read many guides of what to look for in a chair.  If I was about to spend $400-$600 on a chair (or anything) I was going to make sure that it was the one.   I was replacing a chair that I got for free 9 years ago, even just a couple days ago I was sitting in it and minding my own business when a couple bolts fell out and nothing about this chair sat straight as you can see.


It is the one.  My ass is currently engaged to this beautiful chair and I expect the wedding will happen soon.

When I was first looking at getting the chair it was months ago and finding a chair that would ship to Canada was a chore and I couldn’t get in touch with anyone on the Canadian side about the chairs.  In the past couple months the Canadian retailer has picked up a lot and they picked up their social media and even got a new site with a chat feature so they ask you if you need help!  That’s a huge turn around from before.

Now on to the chair!

I waited excitedly by my computer with the FedEx tracker up in a Chrome tab refreshing frequently and that’s when I noticed that FedEx had delivered the package without so much as a doorbell ring.  That was a strange way to treat my chair sized package.

I hefted the box up to my room and opened it up. It was packaged nicely and had that new smell and I assembled it pretty easily, the directions were easy to follow.  I hit a couple snags that were my own stupidity like not reading the instructions, spoiled by Lego and Ikea directions.  The other small issue I have is the Alan key they gave me had the normal key end and a phillips end, they are interchangeable ends in this case so when you go to turn it you can use each end.  It took me about 20-30 minutes to put it all together.

20150529_101428 20150529_101431

Once the chair was assembled I stood in awe with the chair complete before me.  There was a choir of angles singing and doves flew in the background.  Now that I was done admiring it time to put it to work.


This chair is just great.

The chair is very adjustable and comfortable, one of its selling features is that it’s a full back chair that can have its back lay 180 degrees.  I was sceptical at first of it supporting me but I laid back and pushed the ground with my feet, didn’t even budge.   I could very easily nap in this chair and very likely will someday.

This chair feels like a $600 chair, I’ve sat in many chairs through my life and this takes the cake as far as office chairs are concerned.  I’m so happy to be a part of the DXRacer family.




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