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Games Review: X-Wing by Fantasy Flight

Well we haven’t done a review yet, so here is my first game review will be one of the greatest table top games I’ve played Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing!

So Y-Wing?! (PUN!)

This game has been a huge success (in my experience) in the hardcore tabletop wargaming crowd and the board game crowd alike!  I have a game night every Friday and we’ve played this at a couple and it’s a hit.  Personally this game is one of my favourites because it has simple rules and simple gameplay but it’s complex enough to NEVER have a game happen the same way twice.

The concept is Imperials against the Rebels and you build a squadron and dog fight, much like a WWII dog fight.  You choose your ships, your pilot, then you choose upgrades for each of them.  It runs off a point system and generally you will play with 100 points which amounts to 2-5 ships depending on what you choose and the upgrades.  The board you play on usually has asteroids scattered around and you need to avoid them while having a dog fight with other ships.

The game is played in 3 phases, the first phase is the planning phase where you choose a manoeuvre on a little dial, then the next phase you move the ships one at a time depending on their pilot skill and then you give them actions that will help later, like a token to dodge a hit, a little boost to give yourself some extra movement, also a freaking barrel roll!  The next phase is shooting, and this goes one by one like movement but it starts with the highest pilot skill first (Han Solo has a high pilot skill so he almost always shoots first.)

Now why everyone should play this game:

  1. 1. It has a cheap entry cost!  Not like 40k, or Warmachine it only costs about $100 for the core set that comes with 3 ships (2 TIE Fighters, and an X-Wing), the rules, and all the tokens you need to play then have enough money left over for 3-4 other ships.  You should be able to find lots of people who have a single faction so don’t worry about buying both unless you like to experiment or want to have both factions available. *
  2. It’s quick!  Like I said earlier, the game is played with 2-5 ships and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on your experience and the dice gods.
  3. It’s multiplayer friendly!  Even though there are only two factions the ships are independent and each one can be controlled by a person, or give different set squadrons to each person.  These are my personal favourite game types as you need to try and cooperate and predict your teammate’s ships as well as the enemies.
  4. You can play as your favourite characters!  Ever wanted to recreate the trench run and have an alternate history where Vader shoots down Luke?  Or mix it up and have Boba Fett chase Luke down the trench. There are a lot of awesome characters from the Expanded Universe and the movies.
  5. They come pre-painted!  I haven’t had any ones painted poorly myself but I know that making models look good with my own painting job is quite tough.  These come ready to play and look awesome and ready to display.
  6. IT’S FREAKING STAR WARS!  Which one of us didn’t wish this was a thing when we were a kid?  It’s just as much fun playing with the rules as it is making the ship sound effects, and quoting the movies.

So seriously go to a hobby store, look at the models and maybe watch a game or hop in on a demo.

*I will not be held responsible for the inevitable rabbit hole that you will fall into.


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