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Cosplay Corner #3 Interview: Georgina Minns

Welcome to the third Cosplay Corner with the fantastic and mad Georgina Minns from across the pond.  This was one of my favourite interviews because she was kind enough to take the time and have a proper chat with me and it was really great to get to have some interaction.  She was fun to chat with and her cosplays rock!  She has many more over at her Facebook page so be sure to check it out and give her a like.

Thank you very much for doing this interview with me I hope your day is going well.
Haha no problem

Where are you from?
I’m from Hull in the UK

Awesome! I’ve always wanted to go to the UK and visit, I’m from Ontario, Canada and most of my family came from the UK a handful of generations ago.
I’d love to go to Canada

Canada is pretty nice. But the UK has history!  I’ve always wanted to spend Christmas in the UK, I’ve seen all the cool things that the Doctor saves you from!
But but but it never really snows.

Yeah we do have a lot of that white fluffy stuff here. If only we could figure out a way to export it.
Are you a Doctor Who fan?

It’s illegal not to be here.

What kind of a geek niche do you think you fit into? ie. Comic Nerd, Sci-fi buff, Gamer, etc.
Well, definitely gamer and comic nerd! I always have been and always will be, I love my movies as well and I adore astronomy and psychology!

Awesome! What are your top 5 favourite games, comic characters, and movies?
My favourite games:
1. Bioshock
2. Bioshock Infinite
3. Batman: Arkham Asylum
4. Portal
5. Borderlands 2

Favourite comic characters:
1. Zatanna Zatara
2. Dr Johnothan Crane/Scarecrow
3. Deadpool
4. Harley Quinn
5. Viper/Madame Hydra

1. American Psycho
2. Django Unchained
3. Xmen; First Class
4. Dredd
5. Tangled

British TV has been getting pretty popular too, do you watch any of it as well as doctor who?
I don’t get a lot of time to watch TV to be honest! I work a nightshift so it can be difficult. I love Doctor Who and I’ve wanted to start getting into Sherlock but I haven’t got the time.

I know that feel! The only time I get for TV is on my own terms and usually a massive binge. I did that with Sherlock and I highly recommend it!
I’m going to have to catch up with it… that and I’ve also started to want to watch Game of Thrones! Even though I’ve seen most spoilers on the internet!

Yeah it’s really tough to not have anything spoiled these days.

Are there any other cool geeky things that are almost exclusively in the UK? (I doubt there are at this point of British popularity)
Hmmm exclusively no, I don’t think so. I’m really into my Shakespeare and poetry though… that’s pretty British!

That is pretty British! I also do enjoy Shakespeare, not the poetry part quite as much but I do like to go and see a play. I also really love the trend of movies being written as if they were Shakespeare, I’ve read Verily, a New Hope, The Empire Striketh Back, and Two Gentlemen of Lebowski. I can’t recommend those enough!
I’ve read The Empire Striketh Back! Brilliant!
I am hoping to get a Shakespearean tattoo soon but there are too many quotes I love!

Oooh! Like what?
Richard II – “Where words are scarce, they are seldom spent in vain”
Macbeth – “There’s daggers in men’s smiles”
Coriolanus – “Nature teaches beasts to know their friends”
So many I love

That Shakespeare did had a way with words.  Anyway, on to cosplay!
Ah yes! That thing that I do!

How long ago did you start?
Well I started cosplaying about 3 years ago… London Film and Comic Con 2011 I actually started by accident, it was a birthday present to go to the convention and I thought I’d be -and I quote- ‘One of those people who dress up like they do in America’. When I got to the convention I realized I was not alone at all.

That’s awesome! After that I assume you were hooked?
Immensely! I just made costume after costume and went from con to con just absolutely adoring it!

What was your first cosplay?
My first cosplay was Nurse Harley Quinn from Batman; Arkham Asylum

What’s your favourite costume you’ve made?
My favourite I’ve made is probably Mad Moxxi from Borderlands

It looks like the Mad Moxxi takes a lot of effort especially with the makeup.
What’s your favourite thing about cosplaying?
My favourite thing about it… probably trying it all on when it’s finished. I feel very proud of myself and I just adore that feeling. I love the confidence boost I get from dressing up and I’ve always wanted to be a superhero!
Even though… like.. I mainly cosplay villains….

Hero. Villain. It’s all perspective.
Every villain is a hero in their own mind.

Are there any other cosplayers out there that inspire you?
Yes! I adore It’s Raining Neon, Angelica Dawn, Jessica Nigri. I’ve recently come across a guy called Dynamite Webber Cosplay who I love! He does an amazing Nightwing cosplay! So many, loads of people inspire me.

Awesome! The only one I know from that list is Jessica Nigri, I’ll have to look up the rest of them.
I highly recommend them!

I try and bring this next question up with everyone. Have you ever been called a ‘fake geek’ or anything like that and how do you handle it?
I have been called that before yes… it can be very frustrating I must admit but as time has progressed I realised I don’t have to prove or justify what I like to anyone else… so if I get called it then I just tend to say “Okay” and move on with my life.

Exactly! There isn’t anything we have to prove to anyone. We’re just having fun.
I have one last question that I ask everyone. 
When you cast a patronus spell what shape does it take?
Platypus… the most odd of the creatures.

Good answer, I like it!
Anything you want to say to the internet as we wrap up?
You stay classy internet!

Where can readers find you on the internet?
Facebook –
Instagram –
Tumblr –
Youtube –
Twitter –

Awesome! Thank you again for doing this interview with me, it was a pleasure talking with you.
Thanks for asking me! Wonderful to talk to you too.

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