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Gweekly News Desk #26 – Birdman is strange.

Today we chat about a bunch of stuff, like how strange the movie Birdman looks, Star Wars Rebels, Destiny Patch, Lady Thor, and how many Ebolas Simon has right now (he’s sick).

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Show Notes: Oct 2 2014

How does Naxxramas fly?

Hosts: Simon Etwell and Andrew Dupe





  • Agent Carter still putting up with Howard Stark
  • Star Wars Rebels renewed for season 2, Spark of Rebellion airs Oct. 3rd, rest of series starts Oct. 13th.  Greg Weisman (gargoyles, etc) confirmed to be leaving the trio of executive producers after this season.
  • Nicholas D’Agosto cast as Harvey Dent in Gotham


  • Warcraft 3 being added to the Battle.net launcher?
  • “Project Titan” canceled
  • Unsurprisingly, Star Citizen hits $56 million and gets in guinness book of records for most successful crowd funded thing ever.
  • Destiny patch fixes loot!
  • Shadow of Mordor is out and it’s rad
  • Smash bros is out on friday
  • Sims 4 gets free dlc that adds pools and ghosts. No confirmed date yet: http://kotaku.com/the-sims-4-will-bring-back-ghosts-and-swimming-pools-f-1641172105


  • Oni Press humble bundles
  • Frankenstein Underground in 2015
  • Thor #1 came out, mostly to positive reviews.


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One Response to Gweekly News Desk #26 – Birdman is strange.

  1. Rachel says:

    You suck with finding out info about the sims.

    Ghosts came out on October 1st. Pools are in November. Careers in December. Star wars outfits were also added on October 1st. GAWD do your research.


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