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Gweekly News Desk #4 – A Whole lot of Star Wars

With May the Fourth and Free Comic book day coming up so fast, we talk about a lot of Star Wars and Comics. New Casting Announcements for Episode 7 and big shake ups in Star Wars Canon. Then we chat about Almost Human getting Fireflied, more Ninja Turtles, Xmen, Godzilla. Also the E.T. Urban legend is true! E3 Info and more comic book info.

Show Notes:

Where’s Princess Leia’s favourite place to shop?



May the fourth be with you!

  • First new Star Wars CANNON EU books announced http://majorspoilers.com/2014/04/26/first-novels-from-new-star-wars-expanded-universe-announced/
    The first one will set audiences up for the coming Star Wars Rebels animated television show set to premiere this fall. Star Wars: A New Dawn will follow Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla as they cross paths and tell backstories leading up to the show.
    The next three books will focus on Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and, get this, Grand Moff Tarkin. The Luke focused novel (Heir to the Jedi) and the Darth focused novel (Lords of the Sith) are set to release early in 2015. We will be able to read about Tarkin a bit earlier though as Tarkin will be released November 11th.
  • Batman vs Superman casts Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Ray Fisher as Cyborg
  • Zack Snyder to direct Justice League film, no release date,Bats, Supes, Wonder Woman and Cyborg probably, who know’s who else.  No announcement for villains
  • Almost Human Cancelled, Fox’s Futuristic Cop Drama Won’t Be Back For Season 2



  • E.T.  LIVES!! Diggers find ET Atari cartridges in New Mexico Urban Legend turns out true!
  • When Will E3 be? 2014 June 10, 2014, and end on Thursday, June 12, 2014.
  • E3 2014 Location?  E3 will once again take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
  • Nintendo and E3 this year – A Smash Bros. tournament in Los Angeles during E3. 
  • Other Smash Bros. tournaments at Best Buys throughout the country. 
  • Live-streaming by the Nintendo Treehouse people during the show.
  • A “Nintendo Digital Event” at 9am PT on Tuesday, June 10. – Every year, Nintendo looks for the best way to show its games and share its news with fans, media and other key audiences. In 2013, Nintendo decided to forgo a traditional press conference and use a video – in that case a Nintendo Direct – to share its news from E3. The company is building on that approach at E3 2014 with the “Nintendo Digital Event,” a new kind of video program that will reveal and provide further detail about the gaming experiences on the way for Nintendo platforms in 2014 and beyond. The Nintendo Digital Event will air at 9 a.m. PT on Tuesday, June 10.
  • Mario Kart 8 to be released in N.A. May 30th, 2014, ATVs new class of vehicle, 9 new playable racers, customizable vehicles, new anti-grav segments, driving on walls/ceilings.  Register Mario Kart on Club nintendo between May 30th and July 31st get to choose a free game from a list.  Bundles with Wii-U at Best Buy and Gamestop for $329
  • Minecraft makes over $15 million in sales on PC alone. 
  • Starcitizen passes $43 million… $2,134,374when kickstarter ended 426% over base funding level. NOV 19 2012
  • Kickstarter turns 5! I’ve backed a bunch of things here and I can’t believe it’s 5 years!
  • Euro Truck Sim 2 Multiplayer open alpha starts TODAY! http://ets2mp.com/



  • CAWMICK BEWK DAE! Saturday!
  • Amazing Spider-man #4, an Original Sin tie-in reveals Silk, another person bitten by the spider that bit Peter
  • Marvel announces Deadpool vs X-force, 4 issue mini-series, shows first meeting of Deadpool and Cable, 90’s era, when they were both introduced, Deadpool going back through time and messing up American history, X-force going and trying to stop him.  starts in july.   http://majorspoilers.com/2014/05/01/marvel-announces-deadpool-vs-x-force-1/ 
  • Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm – 5 issue mini, spinning off of Original Sin, the forgtten tenth realm has returned, and with it, comes Angela, the secret daughter of Odin
  • The “Ready Player One” of comics – Darkhorse comics founder Mike Richardson, and artist Bruce Zick release “The Atomic Legion”an orignal story full of sci. fi./pop culture references, and the first person to identify the most references before May 31st, wins $1000, and $1000 worth of Dark Horse comics and graphic novels to the local comic store of your choice.  it’s on sale now, to enter send an e-mail to atomiclegion@darkhorse.com with your list of references, and a picture of you with the book.  What the story’s about:
    In a hidden fortress near the North Pole, the greatest heroes of a past age live secluded from the world that rejected them. But when their benefactor—a mysterious scientist known only as the Professor—is kidnapped, it’s up to a young boy to rally the robots, monsters, and superheroes in the fortress to come to the rescue as the Atomic Legion!



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