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Gweekly News Desk #46 – Zordon Cranston

I bet you thought you lost us.  Nope, we’re still here and we’re back!  Serving you up another gweekly dose of gweekly news!

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*Header image credit “Bryan Cranston as Zordon by BossLogic”

Show Notes: July 3rd 2016

Why was the zombie so tired in the morning?

Simon Etwell and Andrew Dupe



  • Zordon Cranston
  • Jim Carrey gets Arcane
  • Pacific Rim 2 coming Feb 23rd 2018
  • Wreck-It Ralph sequel hits for March 9, 2018



  • The Flash get Felton
  • Eliza Dushku in Con Man season 2



  • E3 happened and now we wait
  • Warmachine mk3 is out
  • Heroes of the Storm Gul’dan and Auriel
  • Overwatch gets competitive



  • Titan comics gets Assassins
  • IDW announces Star Trek Waypoint
  • Humble Star Trek bundle
  • Ilvermorny

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