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May the Fourth Be With You!

Today I’m staying at home and watching Star Wars marathon style!  I’m giving the Machete Order a try for the first time, if you’ve never heard of it the order is IV,V,II,III,VI you can find more about why this way might be better here.

Star Wars has been so prominent in my life and the lives of so many other people since it came out and it has invaded music, art, movies, and just general pop culture.  When I was a kid I knew Darth Vader was Luke’s father before I even knew what Star Wars was!

Anyways, I was also just surfing youtube watching some of my favourite Star Wars parody videos this morning while eating breakfast and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you all!


Troops.  This is a classic, basically as old as the internet and definitely older than Youtube.


ECCC A New Hope Radio Play.  I’ve seen this just enough times that I can quote it as well as I can the real movies, it has a ton of great voice actors from your favourite cartoons reading lines from a New Hope, doing improv, and being awesome.  The actors are:  Billy West, Tara Strong, Maurice LaMarche, John DiMaggio, Kevin Conroy, Jess Harnell and Rob Paulsen.  MUST SEE but very long.


Star Wars Gangsta Rap.  Another classic from a different age, before the dark times, before the… you get it.


Chad Vader.   This is a series filmed in Toronto where Chad Vader works as the daytime manager at a grocery store.  This also has parody videos making Chad Vader redo classic internet videos like David After Dentist and Chocolate Rain.


Star Wars Acapella.  Corey Vidal is a huge Star Wars fan and has many youtube videos with Star Wars in it, puns, lightsaber battles, etc.  This one is my favourite, he sings Star Wars lyrics he made to the tunes of other John Williams’ works from Super Man, to E.T., to Jaws.


Chello Wars – The Piano Guys.  The duel of the Chellos, the Piano Guys duel while playing Star Wars on two chellos.  It’s awesome


Harry Potter VS. Star Wars.  Who do you think will win?  I don’t think it’s a contest at all.


Finally, THE STAR WARS KID.  This is another absolute classic where a kid records himself doing what everyone on of us do when we are handed a stick or a pole.  Flail it around and make noises because it’s a lightsaber.


That’s all I’m going to put up but believe me I could go on… but please leave in the comments any that you think are your favourites that you want other people to know about!

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