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Gweekly News Desk #21 – We’re off to FanExpo

We’re off to FanExpo so you’re getting the podcast to your ears early! Also our residential Sims and Dragon Age expert Rachel is back to chat a bit more about where the Sims 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition are at these days.

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Show Notes: August 26 2014

Why do the dwarves in the unofficial provings hire mages?

Simon Etwell, Andrew Dupe, and special returning co-host Rachel Wolfenberg 

What Andrew and Rachel are excited about for FanExpo!


  • Our friend Jake Stromoneome is working with Arrowstorm to make a fantasy Christmas movie where he apparently helps orphans save Santa and they make friends with a Dragon.  Hopefully we can get him on the show again! It’s on Kickstarter as well. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/arrowstorm/the-christmas-dragon-feature-film
  • GotG projected to be highest grossing summer film, maybe highest of year, so far
  • Baby Groot bobblehead and Howard the Duck POP figure on their way! Groot is set to come into stores in December while Howard the Duck will be “soon”
  • A tribute to the late Richard Attenborough was shared on twitter with a picture of a statue for John Hammond. This will appear in Jurassic World




  • I’m working on doing let’s plays and streaming my video games on Twitch!
  • Final episode of walking dead season 2 is out!
  • Pokkén Tournament, a Pokemon 3D fighting game. That is made by Nintendo and Bandai Namco (creators of Tekken) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-WqRkiLe1A
  • Sims 4 will be out before our next episode airs!  Rachel will guest on the blog and will likely be involved in future Sims articles.
  • DAI multiplayer is announced and is independent from the story completely. EA says it’s nothing like the Galactic Readiness in Mass Effect.
  • Shadowgate remastered is out.



  • FutureDude Entertainment premiers it’s first comic Brainstorm, available on comixology


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